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Our Approach

How We Do It . . .

What Sets Us Apart is our willingness and preparedness to engage any or all of the “tools-of-trade” to find and appoint the very best people available in the marketplace.

We work with our clients – not just for them
We have a total commitment to providing solutions that work

Prosearch works with a wide variety of small, medium and large employers to attract, select, engage and retain the people they need to succeed.

We will work with you to establish an understanding of your industry and business, its operating environment and key business drivers - and the issues you are needing to address - therefore, the kind of people you prefer to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Clients tell us that our consultative approach enables them to explore and consider new possibilities for the critical roles within their businesses.

We achieve outstanding results through the application of a rigorous proactive process that combines the use of traditional recruitment methods with state of the art technology on each assignment we undertake.

We’ll make time to understand what you want to achieve in your business, then we’ll work with you to establish a profile of the type of person most likely to deliver those objectives. It is important to us to invest time to immerse ourselves in your plans. By understanding what you want to achieve in your business we can help you to succeed . . .

. . . then we can determine where and how to find and evaluate suitable people, and to engage their interest in your opportunity – this we achieve through the application of any one, or a number of methodologies which may include Research and Market Search, Advertising in various printed or electronic media, and trolling through our own, and other Databases that are available to us through our Networks and Associations.

Maybe the person best suited to your requirements is not currently, actively searching for a change . . . part of our mission is to seek out such people and bring your opportunity to their attention . . .

. . . peoplefinders

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